About Me

I am a Social Worker from Canada who recently moved to the UK and back. I have been in the Social Work field for 10 years and am now looking forward settling back at home after all my crazy adventures living abroad.

I love to have a night out on the town every now and then, but as I get older, staying at home sounds so much better…with a glass of wine of course! And I’m becoming more snobbish about the type of wine I thrust upon my palette.


12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi, I’m English but thinking of studying in Canada (I am blessed to have dual nationality), my hopefully simple question is “If I want to move back to England, will a Canadian degrees allow me to do that?” I am excited to start reading your blog (I’m about to hit your first entry and read through your experience but thought asking directly might be a quicker way to at least answer the question!
    Thanks and I hope you are enjoying/did enjoy your time in England. I’m excited to read about your experience….

    • Hi Karin!

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, you will be able to work in the UK if you get a social work degree from Canada. This is evidenced by all the Canadian Social Workers who have been able to practice in the UK.

  2. Thank you! I thought so, just I agree with you, the UK gov websties are TERRIBLE so thought I would simply ask!! Well done you for being so committed and figuring it out. I read through your blog and I think it’s great that you followed your heart, went on an adventure and even though it ended differently to how you had envisioned, I’m glad you had such a wonderful experience – the hard parts are almost what make the good bits even better, although it doesn’t feel it at the time. I wish you all the best and thanks for sharing your story with us! Karin xo

  3. Hi!

    I’m a social worker in the UK. I would really like to move to Canada in the next two years to work as a social worker. Do you have any advice on how to go about this? I’m a British citizen and registered with hcpc. I’ve been qualified 5 years with experience in child protection and looked after children. Your help would be appreciated!

  4. Hi! So happy to stumble upon your site šŸ™‚ I’m finishing my BSW (Child Welfare) in Canada (BC) as a working (Social Services) parent w a EU partner and 2 kids. Have been thinking lately about spending time in Europe and working to be close to extended family, travelling…also wondering about doing an MSW overseas. Any pointers? Welcome back by the way!

    • Hi there! I actually don’t know much about doing an MSW overseas…I obtained all my education in Canada. Depending on your age, you may qualify for a Youth Mobility Scheme Tier 5 visa which would make it very easy for you to work and travel in Europe. Sorry I can’t be much help about getting an MSW over there!

  5. Anaƫlle Gracia said:


    I saw your article about looking for a social work job in the UK. I am currently an Erasmus student from Madagascar and I live in England for study now, and I didn’t know what I would like to do in the future. So I came in a social help office and they talk about jobs in shortage occupation. I was really interrested about the social work part so I started to do some research and I saw your article. Thanks to you I am creating a twitter and LinkdIn account now. The probleme is that I do not have any experience about this field. I try to do lots of reasearches but everywhere I go they told me that they cannot help me, even my university. I am so glad to read your article and I would like to ask you few questions if it’s possible.
    Here is my email address: anaellegracia@hotmail.fr
    I am working on my social media accounts.

    I really hope you will contact me back
    Anaƫlle Gracia

  6. Hi I was wondering how easy it is to do it the other way around? Hoping to move to Canada from the UK to practice as a social worker! Any help/tips would be much appreciated! šŸ˜Š thank you x

    • Actually I’m not sure as I don’t know what the requirements are the other way around. Maybe one of my readers has a better answer for you? If I come across any info I will definitely pass it along to you.

  7. I am just starting this process as my elderly parents live in UK and are needing some help. I have lived in Cda my whole adult life and now need to get registered with HCPC in UK in order to be able to work there as a SW (was born in UK). Did you actually get registered yet? Looking for some suggestions to lighten my work to do the application as I graduated 20 years ago so to go back to employers is ridiculous as most of my colleagues have now retired as have most of my profs!!!!

    • Hi Susan…my whole blog covers my process for registration with HCPC so please have a read and also the comments as many readers have asked me some great questions. I have since moved back to Canada. Let me know if you have any other questions that were not addressed in the blog. Thanks for reading!

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