So 2016 has come to an end…and I am starting to visualize what I want 2017 to feel like for me and I what I want to focus on. Despite the fact that I have not been keeping on top of this blog, I truly do enjoy writing. But there is was a part of me that just could not get myself to carry on with this blog. The more I thought about it…the more I realized that this blog represents my past and a different time in my life…and I am someone who needs to move forward and not look back. Having lived in various different cities in different countries over the last 10 years…I have never gone back to any these places after I have left them because I don’t look back.

I know that social work is not what I want to pursue as my profession full time and I have been looking to find my true purpose. I did achieve my goal about moving into a part time position this year and it is with a team that I absolutely love and it will give me the time and space to focus on other things and to just…discover. I thought about continuing on with this blog and taking you on the journey with me…but I need to start fresh. Especially since I know there are people from my past who may read this blog. I need to conclude this blog rather continue to feel like a failure every time I thought about how I have not been writing in it.  Closure is what I need.

Even though I will no longer write anymore new posts…I WILL continue to respond to your comments and questions via this blog or by email and help in any way that I can towards your journey in navigating social work in the UK. Many of you continue to email me and I LOVE to hear how you are doing! Please forgive me in advance if I don’t respond right away…but just know that I will not abandon you! And of course…I will still be tweeting!

So perhaps you will ‘find’ me somewhere else as I move on… and until then…I wish all of you success in the coming years and loads of happiness xo