Happy New Year!!

I don’t know about you…but I was ready to get the hell out of 2015! There was a lot of sad news and events that happened in my family the past year, and although these events will be carried into the new year, I am hopeful that we can continue to stay positive and make the best of what is yet to come. Family has been very important during the last half of 2015.

Even though we can start to make changes on any day, there is just something about the 1st of January that wipes the slate clean. It literally does feel as if everything that happened in 2015 can just stay there and we can start to look forward at what we want 2016 to look like. Every year I say “this is MY year’…and you know what? EVERY year is MY year! There is always a milestone moment or a major accomplishment that I have made every year…for as long as I can remember.  I continuously learn so much about myself on my journey to becoming a better person.

I stopped making resolutions several years ago and instead look forward to the goals that I have set for myself for the year.  I have already broken one of them (less time on social media…oops!), but that’s ok, that doesn’t define me! Oh and this month I am not having any wine, but what about my leftover wine from New Year’s Eve?? I just can’t get myself to pour it down the drain…the horror!!!

My other, more professional, goals involve plans…and my first step is to move into a part time position so I can finally work on the other interests that I have. But…before I get this part time position…I am going to need to visualize and make a plan on how I am going to transition into the next chapter of my career. It is a little bit daunting and will involve risk taking…but anytime I have set my mind on something…I always manage to achieve it! And my motto for 2016 is “I don’t give a f**k!”.  I know that this will lead to much more happiness in life. Let me add a disclaimer to this and say that this does not mean that I am going to be unkind to others…far from it. I will continue to be a good and kind person.  I am watching out for me…because if I don’t watch out for me…who the hell will??

With that said…I wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2016!! And remember…”a goal without a plan is just a wish’ –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry