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How did it get to be November already??

I have been back at home for a month and a half now and it was definitely the best decision…it feels so good to be back to familiar surroundings and to finally get back on track with my career goals.

My last few months in England were insanely busy with work and packing and traveling! I had so much to wrap up at work and I put a lot of pressure on myself to complete certain tasks because I wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment by following through with some very important work. I was able to be a part of locating adopters for several of my children (I know they are not actually MY children, but they were my kids on my caseload)…and I just did not want to let anyone down. I worked day and night to finish Life Story Books and Later Life Letters…I just HAD to get it done. I was able to prepare them for their Forever Families and it was absolutely heartbreaking to leave them and see their precious little smiles as I said goodbye…but I am confident that they will all be loved in the way that they need and deserve to be loved. It was such an honour to be a part of their journey towards finding their Forever Families. It has been the highlight of my career.

I have a found a new love within the world of social work…working with children and helping them to find their forever families…whether I will be able to find work in Canada along the same lines…I don’t know…but I will always carry these precious memories and invaluable experiences with me.

I learned so many things during my time living in England…personally and professionally. There are some experiences I would rather forget…but the negative experiences are overshadowed by my last 6 months which were full of so much happiness and so many adventures. I was able to experience all that London life has to offer and to travel to Europe…and most importantly, I made friends who will be my friends for life. I don’t think I would have stayed in England as long as I did if it had not been for my wonderful friends.

So I do miss the ‘museum’ that was England…I miss seeing the castles and the beautiful monuments and buildings. I miss the accents, I miss the shopping (yes I miss Primarni!!). I miss all the British-isms and the people. I miss being able to hope on a plane and to discover a whole new culture in only a few hours. Sometimes I just can’t believe that I actually moved all the way over to England!!

Now I’m back in Canada…which does not have castles and any cool ‘old things’…but it has a beautiful coastline and beautiful mountains that I get to see everyday during my drive into work…and it has my friends and family. I’m excited to move forward and focus on my self care and to finally be able to start working towards the career goals that I have been tossing around in my head for years. For now, I have returned back to working in healthcare…and so my blog will continue as I begin to navigate towards my goals…I hope you will continue to join me!!