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I know that I seem to write a lot of negativity around my job and what I don’t like it…but there are pieces that I really enjoy. The best part about being in a long term team is that I get to be involved with meeting prospective adopters and matching them with children who need a loving and stable home.

I have a baby and several young children on my caseload who have been subjected to a lot of trauma in their lives and who are considered ‘hard to place’. I never realized just how much of an impact these children would have on my life. It pains to think that they never asked for a life like this…a life where their parents were dealing with their own trauma and who just could not give their children the care and love they deserved and needed.

As I got to know these children more, I was determined to find them the best Forever Families and have become really protective over them. Only the best for my kids! I am so excited that an amazing adoptive couple were approved for my baby, who I have just fallen in love with, and that we have found potential adopters for some of my hard to place children.

I am so excited for them and I am so honoured to be a part of their life journey. I am looking forward to the day when the adopters get to meet the new addition to their family…and my baby gets to meet his new mummy and daddy. I know this day will not be about me…but I will probably be so emotional when they meet because I can only just imagine what it must feel like for the adopters to finally meet their new son. This baby is so blessed to have been placed with an amazing foster carer since birth and now…he will soon be moving on to live with his mummy and daddy.