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I’m excited to report that I have received my Tier 2 work visa! What a relief…and it happened quite quickly. I completed my application online and was able to set up an appointment at the Worldbridge visa office a few days later in Canada. I went into the office and was advised that the application process can take 10-15 business days. I had paid extra for priority and was then told that it would then take 7-10 business days. They went through my application to make sure it was completed and I submitted current and previous passports, bank statements, passport photo and letter of offer from my employer. They also took my fingerprints and photo. Here’s what happened…I went to the visa office on a Monday and had my application and documents couriered to the office in New York on the same day. Tuesday I received an email saying that my documents were received. Wednesday I received an email saying that my visa was issued. Thursday my passport was returned to me via courier with my visa which is valid for 3 years. Voila! So quick. The visa cost 815 US + priority fee + courier fee, so that is mucho $$$. But I have booked my flight and am returning to England in 3 weeks. I was not able to fly back right away because the visa has a “Valid from” date.

I can’t wait to get back to the UK and to my SO where I can actually feel like we are starting our life together…although I know that the journey is not over yet.  Even though I have been issued the work visa, whether I am permitted to enter the country is at the discretion of the immigration officer at the airport. I am fairly positive that everything will be alright, but based on my past experience with immigrations…it ain’t over until I pass their test!

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my time at home with family and friends…and also enjoy the luxury of long hot showers and a dryer!!