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Last week, just before leaving for our trip to France, I decided to call the local council to inquire if they had already contacted the successful candidates. Instead of wallowing in my self pity and going through the interview in my head over and over again, it was best to put myself out of my misery and get feedback from my interview. I spoke to HR who told me that they had no information…which I thought was bizarre. Then I ended up calling the team manager directly and she said that she was actually going to call me that day! It turns out that I was successful in my interview and she wanted more information about the sponsorship required for my visa. Wow…what a relief and such a surprise! I know most people will just say they did poorly in the interview…but I genuinely thought I did. I had even started applications for 6 other councils because I knew time was running out on my visitor’s visa and I needed to find a job soon! Location was not important anymore. If I had to commute into London or buy a car…well that’s what I would have to do dammit! Anyways…the manager explained the reason for the delay in calling me and said that she is currently awaiting management approval for my visa sponsorship. It felt like a dream…and I notice that I tend to use the word ecstatic to describe how I was feeling…and I was no different on that day. I was ecstatic! It was so great to go on our trip to France knowing that I was successful in my interview…it allowed me to fully enjoy the holiday.

I am aware that both of my references have been contacted and have provided their reference checks. So now I wait to hear from the council that they will be able to provide sponsorship and then it’s time to head back to Canada to apply for the visa.

And of course, I will keep you posted on what happens. I am working on my blog of my trip to France…including getting questioned by Immigrations AGAIN…only this officer was so much nicer!