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Yesterday was a hectic and sweaty day. I walked to my first interview at the local council and got a bit confused about which way I was going. Typically what I would have done is scoped out the building ahead of time so I would eliminate any anxiety about finding the place. But I foolishly thought that the route seemed fairly simple enough. I am used to a grid system so as I’m walking here and one road veers off and there are a bunch of other off roads, its hard to know which way to go. I had to ask a few people along the way. I managed to get there about 4 minutes before my scheduled interview time. I was sweating (I hate to sweat!) in my interview outfit and took a few moments to freshen up in the bathroom. Now I got to the interview in a panic and I wasn’t brought into the interview room until 15 minutes later. Typical.

I was placed in a room to complete the written exercise. I still had not met the interviewers yet, but was instructed by the administrative assistant. I opened up the exercise which was a case study and I was so happy because it asked that I follow a certain type of assessment which I studied and memorized. What a relief! I drew out the chart and completed as best I could in the 15 minutes that I had. And while I am completing the exercise, I was hearing Gagnam Style blaring outside…so that made me chuckle and eased some of my tension. So I rushed to complete it and they didn’t come for me until 20 minutes later…so the last 5 minutes I was in a panic and adding in whatever I could. Needless to say…my handwriting was very messy.

The rest is really a typical interview…there were 4 of them and I had been warned that one might be intimidating, but they were all very friendly. I struggled to answer a few of the questions and I could feel that there were things that I was missing in the answer, but I was having a total brain fart. I was asked at the end which team I would be interested in working with and confirmed that I would need to be sponsored. So maybe that’s a good sign??? I walked away from the interview not feeling so confident. I was more angry that I had studied my ass off and that I choked on some of the questions. I am usually very hard on myself, so maybe my perception of the interview was drastically different from that of the interviewers…I guess we’ll just wait and see. I know how to be a social worker, that I’m a good one, have loads of experience with an application and CV to back it up. I should know by the end of the week. Here they actually call and tell you that you did not get the position…which I haven’t experienced at home. If you don’t hear from the employer during a certain amount of time…it’s assumed that you didn’t get the position.

So this interview started later and took longer than expected. During the walk home, I kept going through the questions again and kicking myself for leaving out certain information. I rushed home…took a breather…cooled down…then headed to the train station for my journey to the hospital for interview #2. The walk/train/bus journey took about an hour and half. I gave myself plenty of time and got to the hospital about an hour before my interview. I was feeling very exhausted at this point. I had my interview with 2 supervisors and felt very good about this one. I felt that I gave a good interview and was happy with my answers. I was told that the position was highly competitive and I was congratulated on even just getting an interview. I left the interview feeling good…but also knowing that I didn’t want this position because the commute would just be too tiring. The job includes walking all over the hospital + doing home visits via bus or car + my commute to and from the hospital. I would be exhausted everyday.

Today I received a call from the hospital saying that I didn’t get the position. And honestly, I’m not upset about it. I was told that they really liked me and I gave a good interview, the unfortunate part was that the position was highly competitive and they had candidates who had the relevant experience and could hit the ground running. I was told to not let this deter me from applying for other posts because I have a lot of experience. I felt like the actors when they get nominated but don’t win…it was an honour to just be nominated…or should I say…to be selected for an interview!

One piece of helpful information to note is that the handshakes are very different here…in Canada and the US a firm handshake is very important for an interview. But over here, the handshake was very light and they don’t use their whole hand. I’m not sure how to describe it but it comes across more as “How do ya do?” rather than “Hello nice to meet you. I am serious and confident about this.”

So today I’ve been dealing with my anxious energy by cleaning the house from top to bottom…it has kept my mind off the impending phone call. And it has been helpful to write about what I’m feeling.

Tick tock…