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I don’t have any updates on the job situation but I’m hopeful that I will have some positive news to share this week. The HR dept of the council I applied to had told me that this was the week that they would be shortlisting candidates. I also did apply to a hospital as well, which sounds really interesting, but it would require that I have a UK driver’s license and access to a car. Since I am from Canada, I can exchange my B.C. driver’s license for a UK one BUT that only permits me to drive an automatic car. If I want to drive a manual, I would have to pass the road test. At this point, I am not game for doing that because I am not a resident here yet, and getting driving license is just another added cost. Right now, it just seems like a pain in the butt. I’ve also confirmed that I can’t volunteer while I’m on a visitor visa as I’ve had 3 different agencies tell me that.

I have become quite the domestic goddess in the house. I would describe myself as a messy person, but since my SO is quite the “neat freak” and likes the home to be tidy and not chaotic, I have learned to adopt this way of living. Since my mom knows that I can be messy, she did give me a lecture before I left saying that I should make sure I clean up after myself. If you could see me now mom!!

Ascot ImageSince I do spend a lot of time making sure the house is immaculate, I really look forward to the days when SO and I have something planned. On Saturday, we went to the Royal Ascot Horse Race. I was really excited to go because it gave us a chance to dress up and, for me, to wear a fascinator. I wore a black dress and based my outfit on my heels which were cream and black. To spare me from looking for a cream and black fascinator, our neighbour just happen to have one, which she lent to me. I also borrowed a cream purse/bag so I could carry a pair of shoes in it. Ladies…if you are going to Ascot, please take a pair of flats. We took the train and I wore my flats all the way to the gates of Ascot and then again on the way back. My feet were very thankful because there is a fair bit of walking. We also took 2 pairs of binoculars, which we didn’t need, so my purse was a little heavy!

The weather Gods decided that Saturday would be the day that it would rain. It was intermittent, sideways showers, but it was enough to frizz my hair. There are 3 areas of seating at Ascot and we were in the Grandstands, which had a dress code. I saw so many amazing and beautiful outfits and some that were questionable! I have to say that I was quite disappointed with some of the outfits that the ladies wore. Yes I am going to be judgmental and say that I really believe a woman can be sexy while dressed classy, instead of wearing skin tight, cleavage busting, thong showing outfits.

We entered Ascot and there were so many people that we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves. It was a bit confusing and I was a bit irritated because I felt that I was carrying so much stuff. My SO and I both get frazzled in crowds and so we walked around, not sure of what we should do, and annoyed each other along the way! He said to me “Should we just argue and get it over with now?” We had a good laugh and finally decided that we needed to get a drink so we bought a bottle of red wine and parked ourselves in a spot in the Grandstand-standing room only. Trust me—wine always makes everything better. We started to relax and watched Queen E ride up in her pale blue outfit all huddled under her blowing umbrella while managing to do her royal wave.

I was skeptical about how much fun we would have watching horses race, but after the first race I realized that I needed to place some bets to make this more exciting. I bet on 3 races at £5 each and I didn’t win a dime (errr..pence?). I hate to lose, but my SO won 2 races and of course, his win is my win, so we managed to have our bottle of wine and dinner covered. We chatted with our fellow patrons around us and exchanged excitement about who we bet on. Once the last race was over, we jetted off to the bandstand area for “Singing around the Bandstand”, with a slight delay as we were halted by barriers so that Queen E could leave the premises. Once the barriers were removed, my SO ran down the stairs and managed to find us a seat. This was a good thing because the seats went fast! The band started playing short versions of popular songs such as Hey Jude, You’ve Lost that Loving Feelin’ and Auld Lang Syne. The latter is the song that is typically sung around New Year’s. Gotta admit that I recognized the tune of it, but didn’t know the words and didn’t even know the title of the song until I just googled it now! I really enjoyed this part of the evening because it was filled with such patriotism and people just generally having a good time. Coming from Canada, we don’t have an exuberance of patriotism and only tend to show it when we are in another country.

We headed back home, with a stop at Wagamama’s for dinner. If you haven’t tried this restaurant yet, it’s a must! I had such a craving for it and it was delicious! Well…minus the fact that I had to send my meal back because it was too spicy for me (aka hot, full of chilli’s) but they were nice enough to replace the meal so my mouth wasn’t on fire as I ate it.

After a long, fun day…I went to bed at 9:45pm while there was still light outside…I guess that’s what happens when you drink during the day!