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I leave in a few days and although I’m still excited, I’m also starting to feel a bit nervous. I have a fear of the unknown. Fear of getting to England and not having any income for awhile and looking for a job. Although I am fortunate enough to have my SO there who is supportive, I am still eager to land a job and be on my own two feet. My independence is very important to me. And in the midst of all my packing, I’m also applying for Social Work posts online, which is also very tedious and overwhelming. There is a certain section in one of the applications that lists the specific experience/knowledge you must have for the position. I have to provide examples of how I have demonstrated each one. I have been advised that this is the most important part of the application and it should be very detailed. Looking at it gives me anxiety…remember the feeling in university where you would get your 20 page essay assignment and you panic and you’re mind goes chaotic wondering how the hell you are going to come up with 20 pages??? Yah that’s how I feel right about now.

I haven’t spoken about the Tier 2 visa yet, which I will in a future post, based on my knowledge and experience of it as it happens. I do know that once I am sponsored by an employer, I will have to fly back to Canada to apply for the visa. Tedious. Yes I know.

I have also been adding up the cost of moving in my head…application fee for HCPC + registration fee + flight cost + visa fee +++++ which doesn’t help my anxiety! I am trying to remember to stay present and to not let fear take over…but that can be very difficult at times.

This post probably doesn’t come across as very coherent…likely because my brain is in a big jungle mess!

Back to packing!